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Day of Coordination

If you are one of the couples that has everything planned out but have decided that you would rather enjoy your special day then stress about whether the cater delivered a chicken wing tray instead of the beautiful cheese and fruit tray that you ordered .....      Then I would love to help!

A Day of Coordinator's main responsibility is to ensure that the day you have dreamed of and spent time and money planning is carried out exactly how you want.  You should ENJOY your day!  You don't want the thing you remember about that day is how you had to rush around decorating, communicating and fixing whatever isn't going right!!

My Full Day coordination fee includes rehearsal walk-through, table decor for your reception tables as well as a beautiful flower wall with a neon sign.   Fresh floral can be purchased at wholesale cost to further enhance your reception decor.

Sit back - listen to your tunes - drink your champagne - get your hair and makeup done instead!!

Rates are quoted based on needs.  Contact for more information.

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